Editor, the Bulletin;

I have always like Bassano. The people are friendly. Merchants are nice and helpful. The girls at the bank just outstanding.

This week was a true eye opener for a helping hand that reached out to others. Rosie’s at the ESSO stayed open all night for the stranded.

The Hotel stayed open and served chips and burgers to those who were trapped in this storm. Armando’s opened early. The Town Hall was opened and even a big bus was parked there as well as a full parking lot. I am sure there are many unsung heros that I do not know about.

The RCMP worked so diligently to make sure everyone was safe. What difficult job in terrible weather.

I was so thankful when my husband got home from Brooks. He left around 12 and got home at 1:40, and he said you not see anything.

We got such a large amount of snow with blizzard conditions it became so dangerous to drive and I have never seen a storm such as this. What a comfort it was to sit at the window and realize the people I loved were safe, while others were struggling and trapped in a deadly storm.

Sunday people were out shovelling trying to get their buried vehicles out. We shovelled through five foot drifts to get old blue out so my husband could go to work the next day.

Yesterday and today this Town and its workers and businesses have laboured to clear road, feed people and offer shelter. There is no place to put so much snow so it is piled on lawns and wherever they can but in truth they have worked very hard.

I just want to say thank you to the businesses for their kindness, to the Town for so many reasons and the Town workers who have truly laboured and reminded us all again there are a lot of really good people all around us.

Big kudos to my home Town-Bassano.

Linda Lamont

Bassano, Alta.

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