Bylaw Enforcement

Dear Bassano Residents,

County of Newell Community Peace Officer Officer Nesbitt would like to thank you for giving us the wonderful opportunity to work with the town of Bassano. We look forward to working with the residents and visitors of this great town to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time but also to maintain a safe and clean place to live in or visit. We are fortunate enough to be appointed as Bylaw Enforcement Officers to ensure that the town of Bassano remains the best in the west by a damsite! If you have any further questions or concerns please forward them to our office at 403-362-3504: As a reminder here are some of the bylaws to remember and a safety tip when travelling.

  • Drive safely; following speed limits is important but with snow/icy conditions and winter time driving, it is important to drive appropriate to the conditions on the roads.
  • As per Bylaw 757/98 Dog Licenses need to be renewed and failure to do so may result in a fine of up to $250 for the first offence.
  • Please keep your sidewalks free of dirt, snow, or ice. You are given 24 hours from the end of the snow fall to clear your sidewalk of snow.

*All complaints received will be kept confidential and anonymous but must include a complainant name, phone number and address. Our department looks forward to this year in working with the staff and citizens of Bassano in providing a quality service to you.

CALL: 403-794-2311

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