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Meet our Council

"The best in the West by a damsite!"

Back row ( left to right ) Irv Morey, Mike Wetzstein, John Slomp
Front row ( left to right ) Sydney Miller, Kevin Jones
photos courtesy of KC Photography

Our vision is to be the most attractive and affordable urban community under 2,500 in Alberta, where industry leaders want to invest, where tourists come for a new experience, and where people choose to live, work and play.”

Irvin Morey


Email: irvinmorey@bassano.ca

Irv moved to Alberta in 1982 with his wife and three children, he has lived in Bassano since 2001, and worked for Eastern Irrigation District (EID) for 31 years in various roles before retiring.  The last six years of his career with EID he was the manager of the Bassano Dam.

Irv is passionate about golf, fishing, camping and anything having to do with outdoors. He is also passionate about finishing the jobs he starts in a timely manner and works diligently to do so.  Irv enjoys the small-town atmosphere of Bassano and the diversity of people that live here. In the past Irv has been involved in roles that involved fundraising and grant writing and was looking to get involved in a meaningful way. His main reason for running for council was because he had lived here for 20 years and due to the nature of his job had little opportunity to get involved now in his retirement he wants to give back to the community.

Irv describes himself as diligent, honest, and forthright.

Committee and Boards:

Municipal Planning Commission, Regional Emergency Management Agency, Mayor and Reeves Meeting, Bassano Bowling, Curling & Golf Clubs, Bassano & District Centennial Arena, Joint Shared Services, Palliser Economic Partnership, Recreation Complex Management and Recreation Funding Committee.


John Slomp

Deputy Mayor

Email: johnslomp@bassano.ca

John grew up on a farm and learned a great deal about farming equipment and practices. He was involved in various aspects of the trucking industry and had trucks going all over North America which afforded him the opportunity to increase his knowledge of the geography and climate of different regions.

John is passionate about camping and hiking. He enjoys the small town feel of Bassano and the friendliness of the residents. He also feels the town has a good range of services.  John has spent time volunteering with the children’s ministry at church, coaching soccer, and volunteering at the lodge.

John describes himself as optimistic, caring, and honest.

Committee and Boards:

Municipal Planning Commission, Newell Regional Solid Waste Management Authority, and Newell Housing Foundation


Kevin Jones


Email: kevinjones@bassano.ca

Kevin worked for 13 years for a company that manufactured diesel engines for  ships while getting his education in engineering. He then emigrated to Canada with his wife and adopted a son. He worked for Global Thermoelectric for 14 years as an engineer in Bassano and retired at the age of 63. Kevin works well with others and can problem solve, teach, and instruct.

Kevin lived most of his life in large cities and enjoys the friendliness of Bassano, and he finds the people here very interesting. In his spare time, he enjoys watching the Knowledge channel and photography. As a councillor he has seen how difficult change is and is confident that we have that ability and is looking forward to growth.  He feels it is important to give back to the community and volunteers as a volunteer driver and delivering meals on wheels. Kevin was part of the Town of Bassano Library Board for many years.

Kevin describes himself as confident, concerned, and verbose.

Committee and Boards:

Municipal Planning Commission, Newell Regional Services Corporation, and Bassano & Rural Area Fire Committee, Shortgrass Library System


Sydney Miller


Email: sydneymiller@bassano.ca

Sydney grew up on a grain farm in Saskatchewan and has a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Alberta, she works at AFSC as an insurance adjuster for agricultural production.  Sydney is passionate about agriculture and horticulture and loves to spend her spare time in the summer months tending her vegetable garden, and in the winter months crocheting and planning her garden.

Sydney is pleased to be involved with the Beautify Bassano Initiative, BARRA and Willing Workers, which she feels hold her values of helping the town and people.  She appreciates the family friendly services she has found in Bassano and thinks they go beyond what a typical small town has to offer.

Sydney describes herself as diligent, passionate, and fair.

Committee and Boards:

Municipal Planning Commission, Bassano Ag Society, Bassano Memorial Library, Shortgrass Library System (alternate) and Newell Regional Tourism Association/Brooks Region Tourism Association


Mike Wetzstein


Email: mikewetzstein@bassano.ca

Mike has worked as a heavy-duty mechanic for 16 years, and feels his career has taught him patience, and to calmly overcome challenges and think outside the box.  In his spare time, he is passionate about the outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping, and target shooting with his family.

Mike enjoys the small town feel of Bassano and the friendliness of his neighbours. He decided to run for council to be a voice for people and wants to be part of change to bring pride to Bassano.  He has been on the Bassano Volunteer Fire Department for ten years and has held various roles such as captain and has presented at the school for fire prevention week.

Mike describes himself as driven, honest, and resourceful.

Committee and Boards:

Bassano & Rural Area Fire Committee, Community Futures -Wild Rose, Newell 911, Oldman River Regional Services Commission and Recreation Funding Committee