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Town of Bassano Wastewater Treatment Upgrades Project

Public Notice- July 2, 2021

Public Notice- March 3, 2021

The Town of Bassano is pleased to announce that the Wastewater Treatment Upgrades project is now underway having received final approval from Infrastructure Canada’s (INFC) Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. Upgrades are required to bring the system into compliance with current provincial standards. This is welcoming news for our community, as we have been working to bring this project together for many years. Public Notice

Public Notice- March 26, 2021

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Bassano Wastewater Treatment Upgrade and Irrigation Project tender has been awarded to White Fox Group Ltd. in the amount of $5,977,912.50. The tender is within budget and we are set for a successful construction season.
This is a major construction project. It brings many economic benefits to support the local business community (e.g. restaurants, service station, grocery store, accommodations and campgrounds, and more). Construction will begin within the next two weeks – so let us get ready! Welcome White Fox Group Ltd. to our community. Public Notice