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Programs and Supports for Businesses



Mastering Your Recovery Series will provide businesses and entrepreneurs with access to financial, mental health and wellness and marketing specialist to provide access to training, counselling and actionable strategies to support businesses in their recovery. These programs are also available to those who have recently started a business or embarking on the entrepreneurship journey!

To qualify for the FREE programs in this series, entrepreneurs will need to commit their time, dedication and motivation to drive change in their business. Space is limited so please register early. 
Forge Your Financial Ferocity – Half Day Bootcamp – November 24, 2021
Wellness & Resiliency Series – February 28, 2022
Marketing Series – (Very limited capacity) – January 31, 2022
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Forge Your Financial Ferocity
November 24, 2021 (Half Day Bootcamp)
Go beyond the basics of budgeting and apply the proven six-step process that paves your path to profitability while paying down your debt and getting paid yourself. 
If you received Covid relief funds (RRRF, CEBA), you have just over a year to learn how to prepare in repaying these debts!
Put aside everything you “think” you know about finance, as Nail the Numbers Pro, Taunya Woods Richardson, takes you on an unprecedented discovery into mastering your money and building your bottom line.

This Bootcamp is for you if:
·     You have debt to pay down, including RRRF and CERB
·     If you’re not paying yourself
·     Losing money, but not sure where
·     Struggling with paying bills on time
·     Lack emergency funds for the business
·     Haven’t build your business into an asset

Learning Objectives:
·     Budget for all essential operating expenses including a healthy, fair-market owner’s wage
·     Select, streamline, and optimize your most profitable products and services
·     Be blown away when the true cost of selling your product or service is revealed
·     Create a bulletproof value-based pricing strategy that sets you apart from the competition
·     Map out the seasonality of your sales to ensure your ability to cover all indirect expenses for any given month
·     Set a sure-fire method to ensure you meet sales goals every time, for every product

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Virtual Workshops & One-on-One Supports – Ongoing February 2022

One-on-One Training, Counselling and Strategy Development
Limited Capacity – January 2022

This series is for you if you are experiencing:
·     Anxiety and stress;
·     Fatigue, loss of sleep and other physical symptoms;
·     Difficulties managing daily activities;
You will receive:
Access to 6 online modules to assist you in coping with Access to Six (6) Online Modules to assist you in identifying and overcoming fatigue and stress, identifying resources, learn how to build new habits, self-care and organizational plans and mindful meditation.
Businesses can also access one-on-one counselling and supports.

This series is for you if you are experiencing challenges with:
·     Creating and maintaining a digital presence (social media, e-commerce);
·     Identifying and prioritizing your marketing strategies;
·     Pivoting or seeking new products and services;
·     Identifying and engaging your target market;
·     Advertising and promoting your business;
·     Generating new leads;
·     Distribution channels;
·     Pricing strategies;
·     Seizing new opportunities; or
·     Customer service

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Are You Retiring, Transitioning or Selling Your Business?

Businesses have access to training and supports to prepare entrepreneurs in the development and preparedness of transitioning their business.
There are three streams to support businesses in their succession and transition plan. Alberta Family Institute will provide you with supports for family transitions, Commercial Ventures will support you with transition to out of family transitions and Succession Matching has resources for non-profits and for profit businesses.

Succession Planning Information

Town of Three Hills and Kneehill County Provide Businesses Access to Supports Through The Business Investment Program

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Federal Targeted Covid-19 Supports for Businesses
Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program
·     Provides support through the wage and rent subsidy programs, to hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, restaurants, and others.
·     Subsidy rate of up to 75% from October 24, 2021 – March 12, 2022.
·     Subsidy reduced by half from March 13 – May 7, 2022
·     Eligible organizations must meet 2 conditions:
1.  Average monthly revenue reduction of at least 40% over the first 13 qualifying periods for CEWS (12-month revenue decline)
2.  Current month revenue loss of at least 40%
·     Qualifying period is March 2020 – February 2021.
·     Program runs from October 24, 2021 – May 7, 2022.

Tourism & Hospitality Program Details
Hardest-Hit Business Recovery Program
·     Provides support to organizations not eligible for the Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program that have been deeply affected since the start of the pandemic.
·     Subsidy rate of up to 50% from October 24, 2021 – March 12, 2022.
·     Subsidy reduced to half from March 13, 2022 – May 7, 2022.
·     To be eligible must follow a “two-key” eligibility system.
1.  Company must demonstrate revenue loss of at least 50% over the course of 12 months of the pandemic.
2.  Current month revenue loss of at least 50%.
·     If faced with temporary new local lockdowns businesses will be eligible for up to the max amount of the wage and rent subsidy programs, during the local lockdown, regardless of losses during the pandemic.
·     Program runs from October 24, 2021 – May 7, 2022.

Hardest Hit Recovery Program
 Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit
·     Provides $300 a week to support eligible workers effected by government imposed lockdowns.
·     Eligible workers are those who are unable to work due to a local lockdown anytime between October 24, 2021 and May 7, 2022.
·     Workers must be ineligible for Employment Insurance (EI) or eligible but, not being paid benefits through EI during the same period.
·     Program runs from October 24, 2021 – May 7, 2022.

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Energy Savings Program
The Energy Savings for Program offers incentives to eligible Alberta businesses and non-profits to choose commercially available high-efficiency products and onsite energy generation technologies. ESB recently announced that the program’s project completion deadline has been extended until March 31, 2023.
Companies will now have more time to submit project applications to take advantage of the savings. ESB has also increased the parent company incentive limit from $500,000 to $1 million. This means companies will have even more opportunities to invest in the energy-saving technologies they have already applied for, or to consider different technology incentives Energy Savings for Business offers.
With an incentives list of over 60 technologies, you’re bound to find energy savings for your business. The technologies eligible for new construction have expanded considerably, and the program has added new incentives like large boilers, variable frequency drives, and higher incentives for small CHP projects.
Apply today to get access to incentives that make your business more efficient and save operating costs.

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Looking to Add Talent To Your Team? Learn more on Alternatives to Careers in Energy (ACE) Program for Businesses
MCG Alternatives to Careers in Energy (ACE) Program offers help to business owners looking to add talent to their teams. The program can help you identify the best candidate, offset training costs up to $7000, and access wage subsidy for up to 24 weeks.
For further information, please contact the ACE Program Job Developer, Agnes Thibeault at
athibeault@mcgcareers.com or (403) 542-7177.
This is a government-funded program at no cost to employers.

ACE Program Information

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