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Employment Opportunities

"The best in the West by a damsite!"

Skill Metal Bookkeeper/Order Entry Administrator

Skill Metal Fabricators is accepting Resumes for Bookkeeper/Order Entry-Administration. Skill Metal Fabricators offers a one-stop solution for metal manufacturing and production needs. Please send resumes to resumes@skillmetal.com.

Town of Bassano Municipal Planning Commission Volunteer Opportunity

Each year, the Town seeks to appoint one volunteer member at large to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC). The MPC is comprised of both elected officials and appointed representatives. The purpose of the MPC is to review and consider discretionary use development permits as defined within the Land Use Bylaw and their role is governed by the Subdivision and Development Authority – MPC Bylaw (currently under review).

In considering the submission of an application for this position, please take the time to familiarize yourself with:

  1. The draft Land Use Bylaw 921/21
  2. Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 910/20
  3. Procedural Bylaw 908/20
  4. Subdivision and Development Authority – MPC Bylaw 919/21 (note, council will consider an amendment to this bylaw on September 13 to reduce the number of MPC members from 7 to 5 in alignment with the Councillor Reduction Bylaw 911/20).
  5. Municipal Planning Commission Honorarium and Expense Policy P-TOB66/001-21

Bonanza Drilling

Bonanza Drilling builds superior equipment, maintained by a dedicated group of skilled operators. Bonanza Drilling is currently seeking to hire entry level rig hand position including driller, derrick, motor, floor, and lease. They are looking for safety oriented, flexible, high quality, and performance-based individuals. If this describes you, please apply today at Bonanza (bonanzadrilling.ca)

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