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Finance and Taxation (TIPPS)

Interested in knowing more about property taxes, how they are calculated, how to pay them, or how to join an installment plan? Everything you need is available here. We encourage paper-free services in Bassano. If you have not already signed up for this, please complete the forms and return them to the Town Office or contact our administration at or 403-641-3788.  The Tax Account Information form can be found here.

2024 Tax Rates

Each year property owners receive a tax bill. Taxes are collected for the purpose of operating the municipality to provide services such as roads, recreation, social services, building maintenance/operations, emergency services, and much more. In addition to the municipal tax levy, the town is required to collect other taxes and remit them directly to the provincial government and the seniors housing authority. The additional taxes are described as a requisition. One hundred percent (100%) of the requisition collected is remitted to the provincial government and the seniors housing authority. The municipality has no control over the requisitioned amount.

On your 2024 tax bill, you will see four separate line items: 1. A municipal levy: this covers the operating requirements for the municipality. The total municipal taxes levied this year is $1,508,428, a 4% increase from 2023. 2. ASFF requisition: this is the education tax levy that is paid directly to the province. The total ASFF requisition this year is $347,843. 3. Senior’s housing requisition: this is the seniors housing tax levy that is paid directly to the Newell Housing Foundation. The total seniors housing requisition this year is $12,825. 4. Police Funding Model: this tax levy was introduced in 2021 and is paid directly to the province. This tax is intended to help fund additional rural police. The total police funding model requisition for this year is $66,547.

Regardless of your age or demographic, you are responsible to pay each of the four tax levies outlined above.

2024 Tax Levy (Mill Rate) Residential/Farmland Non-Residential/Linear
Municipal levy only 0.01002824 0.0162469
Combined levy (Municipal, ASFF, Seniors Housing, Police Funding Model) 0.01302841 0.02020044

How Are My Taxes Calculated

Each property owners’ taxes are calculated based on the property’s assessment X by the mill rate. The total amount of taxes required to operate Bassano in 2024 is $1,508,428. The property owners’ portion of the municipal taxation is then derived from property assessment X the mill rate as shown in the example below.

Residential/Farmland Non-Residential/Linear
Assessment:                          200,000 Municipal mill rate:          x 10.02824 Municipal taxes:                      $2,005Combined mill rate:         x 13.02965 Combined taxes:                     $2,605 Assessment:                          200,000 Municipal mill rate:          x 16.07987 Municipal taxes:                      $3,215 Combined mill rate:         x 20.20044 Combined taxes:                     $4,040

Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. is under contract to provide assessment services to the town. It is possible that your property assessment may increase or decrease annually as a result of sales and property characteristics, property upgrades, or a demolition. Questions regarding your property’s assessment can be directed to Ryan Vogt, Assessor at 1-800-633-9012 or The below table explains the overall assessment changes over last year 2023 Assessment is used to calculate 2024 taxes.

2023 Assessment 2022 Assessment Change (%)
Residential 95,417,350 90,002,250 +6%
Farmland 98,090 98,090
Non-Residential 31,702,220 26,894,530 +17.87%
Linear 3,077,870 2,931,560 +5%
Machinery and Equipment 3,340,940 3,094,550 +8%

Payment of Taxes

Your tax bill (property taxes) is due by July 31 annually. Payments made after the due date are subject to an 18% penalty (Bylaw 918/21).

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, debit, money order, or E-Transfer. The town does not accept credit cards for property taxes.

Property owners are encouraged to set up for paper free billing.
By mail In person Drop box Financial Institution (in-person, online, or by phone) Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPPS)
Town of Bassano P.O. Box 299 Bassano, AB T0J 0B0.  Payments must be postmarked on or before July 31 to avoid penalty. Bassano Town Office at 502 2nd Avenue, Bassano, AB during regular business hours (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 a.m.  – 4:30 p.m.) There is a mail slot at the entrance of the Bassano Town Office 502 2nd Avenue, Bassano, AB. Tax payment can be placed in the mail slot outside of regular business hours. At most chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions, or via telephone or internet backing. Please allow a minimum of 72 business hours for your payment to be processed. Equalized monthly tax payments can be made by registering with the Town Office to participate in the TIPPS program. You must register by December 15 annually to be part of the program. For details contact Christine Petkau, Finance and Legislative Services Coordinator at 403-641-3788 or email

Late penalties are levied in accordance with the Late Payment of Taxes Bylaw 918/21

    • An 18% penalty is applied to unpaid current year taxes on August 1
  • An 18% penalty is applied to unpaid tax accounts after December 31 annually


    1. Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program – the government of Alberta continues to offer support through the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program. Resources can be found here. If you need help filling out the forms or navigating this program our FCSS department is available to assist by contacting Amanda Barron at 403-641-3788 or