Bassano, Alberta T0J 0B0


(11) Council(12) Administration(41) Water (51) FCSS(66) Planning and Development(72) Recreation and Leisure(74) Community Hall(72a) Pool Operations
Councillor Honorarium - P-TOB11-001-21 - Amended - ApprovedFinancial -P-TOB12-001-21 - AmendedP-TOB41-001-22 - Public Lands Watering Schedule - Amended

Board Member Orientation Policy -P-FCSS001 - Approved MPC Honorarium and Expense Policy -P-TOB66-001-21 - ApprovedBaseball-Maintenance-Policy -P-TOB72-001-21 Community Hall - Electronic Sign - P-TOB74-002-22Bassano Outdoor Pool Operations Plan - Manual - P-TOB72a-001-22.1
 Decorum in Chambers - P-TOB11-002-21 -ApprovedMunicipal Branding -P-TOB12-003-23 Code of Conduct Policy -P-FCSS002 - ApprovedSDAB Honorarium and Expense Policy -P-TOB66-002-21 - ApprovedSoccer-Field-Maintenance-Policy-P-TOB72-002-22 Bassano Community Hall - Wireless Internet - P-TOB74-001-22 Bassano Outdoor Pool - Lifeguard and Pool Staff Uniform Policy - P-TOB72a-002-22

 Electronic Recording of Meetings - P-TOB11-003-21 -ApprovedPersonnel Policy Handbook and Procedure Manual - P-TOB12-002-21.1 AmendedHR Director Appointment and Evaluation Policy P-FCSS003 - ApprovedResidential Development Incentive - P-TOB66-003-22 - ApprovedDisc-Golf-Maintenance-Policy -P-TOB72-003-22Bassano Outdoor Pool Fee Policy - P-TOB72a-003-22
 Public Participtation Policy -P-TOB11-004-21 - Approved-Board Meeting Policy P-FCSS004 - Approved Residential Vacant Land Development Incentive Policy -P-TOB66-004-23 - Amended Bassano Homecoming Campground - Rental Rates Policy -P-TOB72-004-23 2024 Fees - P-TOB72a-003-22.1
 Public Procurement and Tendering -P-TOB11-005-21 - Amended New Member Application Policy P-FCSS005 - Amended  
 New Member Application - Appendix A - Board Skill Matrix -P-FCSS005.1
 Commercial Development Incentive Policy -P-TOB66-005-23 - Approved Bassano Outdoor Pool - Inhouse Training Policy -P-TOB72a-004-22
 Financial Planning Policy - P-FCSS006 -Approved
Bassano Outdoor Pool - Mermaid Tail Policy -P-TOB72a-005-22
 Programming Policy - P-FCSS007 -ApprovedBassano Outdoor Pool - Refund Policy - P-TOB72a-006-22
 - Board Member Director Communication Policy P-FCSS009-Approved
Bassano Outdoor Pool - Fee Assistance Program Policy - P-TOB72a-007-22
Schedule A - Fillable Form
 Welcome Package Initiative Policy P-FCSS010-Approved
Reoccurring Programs Policy P-FCSS011 - Ammended
 Meals on Wheels Policy P-FCSS012 -- Approved