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Bassano, Alberta T0J 0B0

Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance contributes to beautification in Bassano.

To support our residents, council instituted a bi-weekly branch pick-up program offered at no charge as part of the Beautify Bassano Initiative.

Branch Pick-up (May1-September 30) Annually

Branch pick up starts May 1 and runs every other Tuesday until September 30th. Branches must be stacked in small neat piles and left at the back alley boulevard or in case were there is no back alley on front boulevard, for pick up. Branches can not be larger than 4″³ in diameter.

For any other boulevard tree maintenance please call the town at 403-641-3788. Maintenance is done in the spring and fall for dead tree removal. If your branch piles become excessive or they are not properly laid out, the public works department will leave them at which point it is your responsibility to dispose of the branches.

The branch service is facilitated by the public works department. There are times when the bi-weekly branch pick-up cannot be met because of priority issues, such as a water break. When this happens, branch piles will be picked up later in the week OR on the next regularly scheduled pick-up day. There is no need to call the town office or the public works department for pick-up unless your branch pile was missed over a 4-week period.

Please be respectful of the program, there are over 500 properties in town that have access to this service and most of the pick-up is done manually by the public works department.

Dutch Elm Tree Pruning

Elm Tree pruning is banned from April 1 to September 30. Pruning is only allowed between October 1 to March 31. For more information on Dutch Elm Disease click the link below. 

More Information

Boulevard Trees

The Town is happy to assist with boulevard tree maintenance. Maintenance occurs during spring and fall. If the boulevard trees require maintenance, contact the Town Office along with photos. If warranted, the boulevard tree will be placed on the maintenance schedule. Tree maintenance occurs twice per year, in the spring and fall, unless there is significant danger and concern for the loss of person or property.

The Town will not remove a boulevard tree unless is it dead or dangerous. Trees support a healthy ecosystem and contribute to the beautification of our community.

Submit a boulevard tree maintenance form via email to town@bassano.ca.

As a reminder, tree maintenance happens in cycles. We may not agree on the level of urgency related to the tree maintenance or what type of maintenance is required. Municipal employees aim to collaborate with residents to find solutions to boulevard tree problems, we ask that you do the same.

Dutch Elm Trees

Elm Tree pruning is banned from April 1st to September 30th annually. Pruning is only permitted between October 1st and March 31st as per the Alberta Government. For more information on Dutch Elm Disease click the link below.